"Tempt enlightenment, explore alternative points of view."

My name is Ridge. I write when inspiration strikes and don’t have any illusions about the significance or impact of my writing. The process itself is cathartic and writing helps me divine how I really feel about things that are poking at me. It also forces me to explore alternative points of view, previously uncontemplated, thus gaining new insights that alter my perceptions, improve mindfulness, and help achieve enlightenment.

JustSayingIsAll celebrates independent thinkers. Topics include relevant issues of the day, mindfulness, golf, photography, vintage vinyl records, piety, poetry, and politics.

I am a linear self-educated bottom-line introvert who presents his point of view or emotion with an economy of words so my posts are not usually drawn out with superfluous dribble like this.

I get pontifical at times, no apologies.

I have a broad and abiding regard for the imperative to embrace diversity in all things, the import of the phrase “you do you” and a practical (pun intended) appreciation for the premise “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” and the precept “Do no harm”.

I hope that my words can challenge preconceptions like mine are by the words of others.

Thank you.