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 I was in the golf business for a very long time, as a student, player, pro-shop owner, club maker, club fitter and teacher. My father was a PGA professional. I owned and operated The Golf Exchange and later Magee Golf Company in central Florida from 1980 to 2008. I believed that my customers were my best advertising so I offered free unlimited lessons to my new club buyers. I averaged 3 lessons a day, 6 days a week, 45 weeks a year for 23 years; do the math. I learned what works and what doesn’t as well as who can improve and who can’t.

I was the baby of the family, still am. I had 2 older siblings from which certain knowledge was to be gained, was an observant child and eager to be independent and unquestioned. These qualities were not easily acquired but I was persistent. Mom and dad had to be two of the most patient child rearers of the 20th century. My exploits involved grapefruits, chickens, bows and arrows, cats, horses, cigarettes (camel unfiltered), dog poo, funeral homes, bare bottoms, necking, Cadillacs, 49 Buicks and mysterious looking iron pipes. It’s a good thing dad wasn’t poor or I would have broke him completely. Having a good friend in the owner of our local oil cartel didn’t hurt either.


All of these seemingly abstract references to past deeds will be fully elaborated on as my childhood unfolds in living black & white (we didn’t have color until 1963 and then as I recall it was mostly purple).

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I've drawn a few key chapters from my other golf book, Golf's Brutal Truth that will provide immediate improvement to anyones game.