Collecting Vintage Vinyl Records

Updated: May 4

Crazy smart or just crazy??

Ridge’s Record Collection

Collecting stuff can be as addictive as any drug, but hopefully far less destructive. It is probably second only to hoarding on the obsession meter.

My wife and I share a passion for collecting vintage vinyl records. We were record dealers but only as an excuse to expand and enhance our collection. We’d buy whole collections just to get our hands on a few records on our want list. I know it’s nuts but obsessions are like that.

There is a certain satisfaction in cleaning, grading and reselling the overflow to other collectors but the real thrill is in the hunt and the rush of finding a rare 1st pressing of a sought after gem in great condition.

Our weaknesses fall into 4 categories of which the contents often overlap:

  1. 1st pressings of the top 500 albums of all time as published by Rolling Stone Magazine. The list was reworked in 2012 and again in 2020.

  2. 1st pressings of renowned artist’s debut albums due to their rarity as there were fewer copies made of new artist’s first record.

3. Banned and recalled record covers due to their rarity as there were usually only a small number released prior to their purge and re-release with new art.

4. 1st pressings of super collectible records just for their rarity or value.

A great source of knowledge for record collectors is It is arguably the most comprehensive source of information on recording artists and nearly every version of every record ever pressed.

Record collecting is engaging and rewarding on several levels. I won’t go so far as to say it’s a good investment. That depends on your initial investment and the market going forward although it has been very strong for a long time now and sales of turntables and records is still increasing year after year.

Many people today have never heard the sound produced by vinyl or even thought of music as being a tangible product, to be held, cleaned, played and cared for. The process stimulates a whole new appreciation.

We reduced our collection by almost half last year, culling all but the rarest, most collectible, most valuable, and then the records we absolutely couldn’t part with. It was difficult but now that it’s been awhile, oh hell, who am I kidding, we still wish we had them all.

Ahhh, go for it, you’ll love it!… Just saying is all !

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