If I’m Being Honest


I’m afraid to say what I am. for fear in my head it’s inflated, and wouldn’t survive critique.

But I do know what I’m not.

I’m not immoral, amoral, a bully or a bigot. I’m not entitled, unfair, a lier or hypocrite.

I’m not a schemer, so there’s that. And I know I’m not cruel.

I don’t exploit weakness or use leverage as a tool. I don’t seek to gain advantage. but I’m not a sucker either, and I will never be their fool.

I’m not violent, dishonest or greedy, nor irresponsible or unreliable either. And I’m never late.

I am not afraid anymore.

I am a defender of the helpless, a wisher for the hopeless. compassionate for the victims, sorrowful for the dying, dead, and surviving. I’m a soldier.

I may have been arrogant, annoying and rude on more than one occasion. But I’m a thinking person and I love my people. I’m a provider.

Once in a while I can be defensive, self-deprecating and judgemental. And then and again a wee bit selfish, self centered and stubborn too. I’m a man.

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Free Thinker Words can both confuse and confound. Mull them over and roll them around. Like marbles unsure of where they are bound, We are all just searching for level ground.

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Tempt enlightenment, explore alternative points of view…. Just Saying Is All !

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