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You are older now than you were back then, and you know more now than you knew way back when.

The older you get, the more money you’ve got. There’s more stuff still to get, to go with the stuff you’ve bought.

But alas, the older you’ve gotten, the less time you’ll have to admire all the stuff that you’ve boughten.

Part of life’s crap shoot is getting old, assuming your luck holds and you do, there’s a bridge we all have to cross. Sooner or later that time comes for you.

It is both frightening and enlightening, when you cross the bridge of reality. The inevitability and insignificance you feel, when confronting your own mortality.

After the realness of reality settles in, and you accept that you aren’t so tough. Panic sets in as you think of your family, and what they might do with your stuff! :-)

But that’s all well and good, what ever will be will be. You’ve had ahelluva great life, and immense love from your family.

When your time here is a fait accompli, you’ll have the compulsory epiphany. Albeit a little too late for thee.

No matter how great the stuff is, know when enough is enough. Leave some for the next guy. After all, it’s just stuff!

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Free Thinker Words can both confuse and confound. Mull them over and roll them around. Like marbles unsure of where they are bound, We are all just searching for level ground.

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Tempt enlightenment, explore alternative points of view…. Just Saying Is All !

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