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Updated: Apr 29

EI = (q * t) or Exposure's Impact = (quantity*time)

Claire (Clarity) came to me this morning around 4:30. Initially we got to thinking about the intense heat and pressure at the center of the earth and how earth has achieved a balance between the immense pressure at its core that could surely cause earth’s end if unchecked and the number of fissures leading to the surface that allow the pressure to escape which act as a check on the destructiveness beneath the surface. Then the “balance” theme persisted and expanded.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

And after a while Claire landed on how “balance” is firmly at the core of everything in the universe. To better comprehend that, I wanted to understand the components of balance. Then maybe I’d know how to apply it to other areas besides just the physical.

My mind went back to the pressures from earth’s core and the heat that escaped. But the heat by itself didn’t seem like the issue. Exposure to the heat is the issue; so what are the components of exposure that make heat a problem? Quantity of exposure and the length of time exposed seemed like the best factors to measure exposure’s impact.

Fissures opened from the earth’s core to the surface naturally as pressure followed the path of least resistance until it’s gasses and lava were released into the atmosphere. As more fissures opened and more pressure was released, the core pressure subsided to a less violent level and finally to what we know today.

So Claire and I resolved how earth found it’s balance and now my poor brain had something to run with. Before Claire retired to where ever she goes during my waking hours I got a clue where to take this thread.

Relationships need balance for a pleasurable existence. They can survive without it but that’s not fair to somebody, if you get my drift.


So, how do my principles of balance apply to interpersonal relationships? The factors of exposure don’t factor in, so to speak without core heat and the pressure it creates.

In this context, the heat can be many things like stress, pain, mental disorders like bi-polar and low self-esteem issues etc. Pressure manifests as intolerance, anger, short temper, nasty speech, and violence.

My sense is that if we can identify and mitigate the heat, the pressure will dissipate and a balance can be achieved. Now, balance doesn’t mean that the teeter-totter is perfectly parallel. It just means that nobody has bottomed out.

The earth still has active volcanoes and Yellowstone is always bubbling.

The process of finding, healing and perpetuating balance is intense, constant and evolving but less and less tumultuous as it progresses.

I hope Claire and I have given you something to mull over and roll around, and I hope you find your level ground. I know she does that for me.

This is where I leave you. I’m not a therapist or psychoanalyst. I’m just an old liberal minded free thinking bloke sharing what life has shared with me and trying my feeble best to always give my people better than before.

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