What Women Want

Updated: Apr 29

A good woman deserves our respect and no woman deserves to be disrespected.

I know it isn’t gender or preference neutral. I couldn’t make it applicable to everyone. Substitute any descriptors or third-person pronouns you prefer. Just do you.

I don’t think it’s possible to love a woman you don’t respect.

If you don’t respect or love her, you are wasting her life. Compensate her for the life she has wasted on your ass and go.

If you do love and respect her but are disrespecting her, get help. Because if she doesn’t feel your respect, you are wasting her life.

If you respect her but are not in love with her yet, don’t overplay your hand. She is instinctively trusting, selfless, loyal, protective and nurturing. It’s not fair nor honorable to subject her to a prolonged loveless relationship.

Let’s do better.

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