Rejecting The Rain

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a :-) poem of possibilities

Photo by Typhaine Braz on Unsplash

When you feel all sad and alone and it seems like time is broken, you’re in the “just shoot me” zone, where only sorrow is spoken.

When I see people in that pain I wholeheartedly sympathize. But we alone can stop the rain that makes us feel sad inside.

There are two possibilities I see, you could wallow in self pity, or binge eat a quart of rocky road, and watch “When Harry Met Sally”.


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Free Thinker Words can both confuse and confound. Mull them over and roll them around.
Like marbles unsure of where they are bound,
We are all just searching for level ground.

Ridge ©2020 All Rights Reserved

Tempt enlightenment, explore alternative points of view…. Just Saying Is All !

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