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The Human Drift

If after reading you’re thinking, “He’s just stating the obvious,” then you should be thinking, “Why isn’t it getting better?” Somewhere beyond the obvious is the solution.

Mankind is the ultimate one-off, and success and failure is on us. Seldom do we get second chances, or sympathy for ifs, ands and buts.

Teens and tweens don’t reason like adults. They need responsible mentors to consult.

Countless roads to follow and forks to take, with countless unknown possibilities.

Countless options and opportunities to make critical decisions without impunity.

Alone they’re left to craft a path, to either walk on their terms, or be dragged along against their will, to suffer the predictable aftermath.

Ironically and sadly well-being relies, on the rash decisions of adolescents, consequentially early on in their lives. Bad choices often lead to no choices, and it’s out of their control who decides.

I don’t have solutions except to propose, for all adults among us who, at making good decisions predisposed, to join Big Brothers or Big Sisters, or other organizations such as those.

Because helping our kids to succeed is worthy of sacrifice. To ignore them in their time of need is just us rolling the dice.

I’m Just saying is all

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Free Thinker Words can both confuse and confound. Mull them over and roll them around. Like marbles unsure of where they are bound, We are all just searching for level ground.

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Seek enlightenment by exploring alternative points of view…. Just Saying Is All !


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