What Time Is It?

Time, the indefinite continued progress of existence.

Literal time is dictated by the universe.

Days, months, seasons and years are the

naturally occurring elements of existence.

Recurrent and predictable cycles of earths

rotation and circumnavigation of the sun,

and the moons circumnavigation of earth.

Practical time is seconds, minutes and hours,

the man made elements of a day that effectively

reduce our existence to tiny quantifiable stress

inducing elements so we can know exactly

when and for how long something was or will be.

Real time is now and occurs simultaneously with life.

Now is that moment which is neither past or future.

Now can't be anticipated because it is always now, and it becomes the past the moment it is perceived.

"What time is it?" should be "What time was it?",

because before you can say "it is", it was.

Is the past before or after now? Comment below.

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Eckhart Tolle
Free Thinker Words can both confuse and confound. Mull them over and roll them around. Like marbles unsure of where they are bound, We are all just searching for level ground.

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