Transactional Decay of The Human Condition; or “How Not To Be An Ass”

People who observe the following precepts are generally well liked, rarely offend and are mentally balanced individuals. I really respect and envy people who possess these qualities and aspire to them myself. They should be in the curriculums of every elementary and middle school along with consequence class, but that’s for another time.

I know they all seem like common sense to respectful and compassionate people but these offensive patterns of behavior do irreparable damage to relationships and can have long lasting and far reaching adverse effects on the psyche. Loud oppressive dominating & disparaging conspiracists are the piranhas of society.

  • Listen more than you talk & opinions are like ass… Well you know.

Constant talking that monopolizes conversations and unsolicited contemporaneous uncontemplated opinions aren’t usually well received, can cause you embarrassment and very possibly the loss of your credibility.

  • Do your own bidding

Be careful not to acquire the habit of asking those around you to satisfy every personal whim that enters your mind. In short, “them that thinks it should do it”.

  • Don’t insert yourself

Inserting yourself into another’s issues can make a bad situation worse and already emotionally charged situations can escalate beyond imagination. So, if it’s not about you and you weren’t expressly asked and nobody’s in danger, just let it go.

  • Offer no criticisms without solutions

If you don’t know enough to offer a remedy for a problem maybe you aren’t the person to offer the criticism either.

  • Make no assertions without evidence

“Assertions made without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence” and so can you. It’s annoying and dangerous when people believe stuff at face value and especially when they act on it. Always do your due diligence before you make a fool of yourself.

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