"Free Thinker" is a metaphysical example of how the process of independent thinking occurs.

Free Thinker

Words can both confuse and confound.

Mull them over and roll them around.

Like marbles, unsure of where they are bound,

we are all just searching for level ground.

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JustSayingIsAll celebrates independent thinking. Topics include relevant issues of the day, mindfulness, golf, photography, vintage vinyl records, piety, poetry, and politics.


Golf's Brutal Truth

"Golf's Brutal Truth" is the culmination of over 20 years of Ridge's life as a golf instructor. He presents what worked best to improve the game of average golfers with the least effort.

I'm Just Saying Is All

"I'm Just Saying Is All" is the first volume of Ridge's poetry.


Regret's Redemption

When I was young and bold,
I flew way too high and too fast.
Large volumes of small losses,
added up to regret for life’s past.


But as bold gives way to old,
I fly much lower and much slower.
Less volume and way fewer losses,
no longer life’s reaper, but a sower.

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